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Solar Attic Fan with 25year Warranty

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Solar Attic Fans are easily installed and a great product for proper attic ventilation. Natural Light brand solar attic fans are top rated by builders and are the highest quality built in the USA! The DC motor is powered by the included solar panel with the attic fan motor moving hot air and moisture out of the attic space everyday. Solar panel is adjustable from flat up to 45 degree angle or can be detached and mounted remotely for best sun exposure. Solar Attic Fans mount on 3/12 to 12/12 pitch roofs. (this unit not for flat roofs or side wall mounting). Moves up to 850 cubic feet per minute. Use one attic ventilation fan for every 1200 square feet of attic space. Note: Purchase the optional Solar Attic Fan Thermostat if to be used in areas with cold winter temperatures. See our Amazon Storefront for this optional part. ....read more

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