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Sun Dome Pool Cover 16 x 32 Oval

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Rain or shine it's swimming time! Transform your pool with the Sun Dome!

Extend your summer by converting your pool into an indoor/outdoor attraction. When enclosed, the Sun Dome's solar heat will warm the surrounding air up to 40 degrees and the water up to 20 degrees. Now you can swim in your pool early into spring and late into the fall. The versatile dome also keeps out harmful UV Rays but still allows enough sun for a tan.

Amazingly, a longer pool season actually means fewer expenses! The Sun Dome keeps out bugs, leaves, and other debris preventing you from spending extra money on vacuums and cleaners. The walls of the dome keep out cool breezes so there is no need for a heater to work over time warming up the pool. It's time to start saving today! ....read more

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